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Application & Proposal for Certification

Introduction of Certification Process

- Pre-audit: This audit has nothing to do with certification process for registering and maintaining certification, which is implemented when an applicant wants. This is an audit for giving an opportunity to improve a system by conducting an assessment on preparing certification, prior to audit.

- Initial Audit: This is an audit for registering the first certification, which consists of stage 1 and 2.

- Follow-up Audit:This is a site audit for checking results of corrective action for nonconformity and its conformity. (When an auditor decides to conduct on-site check after confirming the level of nonconformity and the written results of corrective action)

- Surveillance Audit: This is a regular audit that certified body should get through to maintain once-issued certificate until its expiration date (for three years after certificate issuance) (This audit should be conducted at least more than once a year.)

- Recertification Audit: This is an audit that certified body should get through before certificate's expiration date (three years after certification registration) if the body wants to get recertified for maintaining its certificate.

- Special Audit: This is an audit conducted according to special matters such as confirmation of the effectiveness of corrective actions for Major nonconformities, confirmation of other changes in organizations, and customer requests (in the case of IATF)

Scope of Certification

IAF Code KAB (Korean accreditation Body) IAOB IAQG APMG EFfCI
ISO 9001
(TL 9000)
ISO 14001 ISO 45001 ISO 22301 ISO 27001 ISO 37001 ISO 50001 ISO 37301 IATF 16949 AS 9100 ISO/IEC
1 Agriculture, forestry and fish            
2 Mining and quarrying            
3 Food products, beverages and tobacco    
4 Textiles and textile products    
5 Leather and leather products    
6 Wood and wood products            
7 Pulp, paper, paper products    
8 Publishing companies      
9 Printing companies    
10 Manufacture of coke and refined petroleum products    
11 Nuclear fuel          
12 Chemicals, chemical products and fibres  
13 Pharmaceuticals  
14 Rubber and plastic products  
15 Non-metallic mineral products    
16 Concrete, cement, lime, plaster, etc.    
17 Base Metal & Fabricated Metal Products   
18 Machinery and equipment  
19 Electrical and optical equipment  
20 Shipbuilding      
21 Aerospace    
22 Other transport equipment  
23 Manufacturing not elsewhere classified      
24 Recycling    
25 Electricity supply    
26 Gas supply      
27 Water supply    
28 Construction    
29 Wholesale and retail trade; Repair of motor vehicles, motorcycles and personal and household goods    
30 Hotels and restaurants    
31 Transport, storage and communication    
32 Financial intermediation; real estate; renting    
33 Information technology    
34 Engineering services    
35 Other services    
36 Public administration    
37 Education    
38 Health and social work      
39 Other social services    
Certification scope (FSSC) Accredited scheme by KAB
ISO 22000 FSSC 22000
1 A1 Livestock and Fisheries - Animal breeding for butchering, milk, eggs and honey production    
2 A2 Livestock and Fisheries - Aquaculture of Fish and Seafoods    
3 B1 Cultivation - Plants (excluding grains and beans)  
4 B2 Cultivation - Grain and Soybean  
5 B3 Cultivation - pre-processing of plants
6 C0 Food, ingredients and animal feed manufacturing - Animal - 1st conversion  
7 C1 Manufacture of food, ingredients and animal feed - Processing of perishable animal products
8 C2 Manufacture of food, ingredients and animal feed - Processing of perishable plant-based products
9 C3 Manufacture of food, ingredients and animal feed - Processing of perishable animal and plant products (mixed foods)
10 C4 Manufacture of food, ingredients and animal feed - Processing of products distributed at room temperature
11 D animal feed production    
12 E catering/food service  
13 F1 Transactions, Retail and E-commerce - Retail/Wholesale    
14 F2 Trading, Retail and E-commerce - Food Brokerage/Trading    
15 G Transportation and Storage Services  
16 H Service    
17 I packaging material production
18 J Equipment    
19 K Chemical and biochemical products
ISO 9001 ISO 14001 IATF 16949 TL 9000
ISO 45001 ISO 22000 ISO 50001 ISO/IEC 20000
ISO/IEC 27001 ISO 10002 ISO 29001 KFQ 9004