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Management System Certification Field

About ISO 9001(Quality Management System)

This system is an international standard of the quality management systems established by the international Organization for Standardization (hereinafter, referred to as “ISO”), on the basis of which all organizations construct the quality management systems which make it possible to continuously improve the process in order to cope with Consistently meet customers' requirements, and their conformity of implementation is certified through the 3rd party certification body's audits.

Necessity of Introduction of Quality Management Systems

Meeting internationalization of Quality Management Systems Introduction and management of ISO 9001 Certification System by 130 or so countries in
Valid means of national competitiveness enhancement
The source of securing national competitiveness
Construction of the optimum Quality Management Systems for Customer Satisfaction Achievement of Customer Satisfaction
Corporate Intensification of Quality Management Systems
Improvement in Corporate Image

Certification Effect

Composition of Standard Requirements

Process-based Quality Management Systems Model