Why ESG?

ESG management, KFQ will be with you every step of the way.

With the increasing social interest in sustainability and the growing importance of corporate roles and responsibilities, non-financial performance has taken root as a crucial pillar in corporate management alongside financial performance.

The KFQ provides a wide range of verification, certification, and evaluation services to help organizations disclose their ESG performance in a transparent and objective manner based on our independent verification and certification services that comply with international business standards. Moreover, we offer related research and development, and education services as well.


Carbon emissions,
Strategies to climate change,
energy, waste, biodiversity, etc.


Employment and working environment, human resource management, Human rights in workplace, supply chain management, data privacy, contribution to local community and society, etc.


Corporate governance,
board of directors and audit committees, anti-corruption, fair competition, etc.

ESG management
= management that does not make decisions that harm the environment and society
= Sustainability Management
  • ESG management
  • Social responsibility management
  • Environmental management
  • Sustainability management

The key is to identify and implement management approaches for achieving the Sustainable Development Goals, rather than focusing on semantics or terminology

[17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)]

Why ESG?

  • Strengthening ESG Information Disclosure System for Domestic Companies
  • Strengthening ESG obligations for EU companies
ESG needs
  • Increasing UN PRI sign-up agencies
  • Increasing number of domestic stewardship code participating organizations
  • Expansion of ESG Investment by Domestic Pension Funds and Asset Management Companies
ESG needs
  • Increasing the importance of supply chain management for overseas customers
  • Increasing ethical and sustainable consumption