Overseas Training

There are more than 200 field-centric training courses available for a broad range of topics including quality, environment, safety, food, automotive, information and energy management system, ESG, Industry 4.0, statistics, VDA, Core Tools, various field improvement techniques, design, purchasing, production, facility management, among others.

VDA Training
The KFQ is an official license partner of VDA-QMC for training services. Producing more than 1,000 VDA 6.3 process auditors to date, we continuously strive to cultivate human resources in related fields. *VDA : Verband der Automobilindustrie e.V. (German Association of the Automotive Industry), referring to the German Automobile Industry Standards.
ESG Training
ESG management aims to pursue profits while fulfilling environmental, social, and governance responsibilities and obligations, thus increasing the future value of companies. In view of this, the KFQ has designed various education programs to impart essential skills necessary for ESG management for all levels of an organization. These programs include basic concept training for executives and employees as well as clarification and application of various ESG evaluation requirements, ESG system development, ESG evaluation for supply chains, and sustainability reporting for practitioners and managers.
Education related to Industry 4.0
We provide education to nurture experts equipped with an understanding and ability to harness the latest information technology in the era of the 4th Industrial Revolution. We foster various ICT professionals for smart factory, big data, and AI, among others.
Online Training (Microlearning / e-Learning)
Microlearning is an education solution optimized for mobile environments, also an education tool that delivers core content concisely and effectively for digital environments. E-learning offers various contents such as management, business, job skills, leadership, foreign languages, finance, humanities, and professional qualifications.
Contact Us
Please contact us at kfqedu@kfq.or.kr (Education & Training Management Team)