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Education and Training

Introduction of Program
Youth Employment Academy is a working-level training program for both the youth who wants to have a job and enterprises looking for talents. It aims at fostering the youth with competence by narrowing a gap between academic education and work ability required at workplace and helps the youth to have a job right after their graduation.
Details of Program
- Education on theories and works of relevant sector
- Learn basic work skills and basic principles required by enterprise
- In-depth training for customized work ability
- Site study visit to a company related to training institute & Coaching for getting a job
Subject of Program
- Graduate-to-be and graduate of two-year college and four-year university where concluded an agreement with the KFQ
(those at the age of less than 29. In the case of those served in military, by 31 year old.)
- Those can start working within 6 months
Training center designated by the relevant university
Contents of Program
- Free training fee
- Issue a certificate and a license
- Give prize money to excellent leaner
- Give prize money to excellent leaner
Contact Us
Please contact us at kfqhrd@kfq.or.kr (Education & Training Development Team)

* This program is a government-aided project supported by “Ministry of Employment and Labor” and “Human Resources Development Service of Korea”