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KFQ’s Service


Audit service is provided to companies seeking for a global leader.

- Higher value of ISO certification
The KFQ keep basic principles for ethical operation of certification along with transparency, impartiality and competence, in order to deliver new management paradigm for creating customer value. It is also in charge of persistent follow-up maintenance.
- Professional audit service by industry
The KFQ is a comprehensive certification organization seeking for professional certification service with best knowhow. It provides exclusive audit service supporting sustainable management innovation by realizing enterprise’s vision and strategic goals and strengthening process efficiency and competitiveness through the best professional audit service by industry.
- Advanced research and promotion on management system certification
The KFQ, as the first institute that spreads ISO certification in Korea, has introduced, researched and promoted certification systems developed and operated internationally, contributing to enhancing the Korean industries’ competitive edge in the global market.
- Global ISO cross-certification service
As Korea’s only institute specialized in certification, the KFQ offers accreditation service with trustworthy value by issuing IQNet certificate without additional site audit.
[Certification Service Area] ISO 9001, ISO 14001, IATF 16949, TL 9000, ISO 20000-1, ISO 27001, ISO 22000,
FSSC 22000, ISO 45001, ISO 50001, KS Q 9100/AS 9100, ISO 22301, ISO 37001, ISO 37301

Training & Education

The KFQ supports to foster global talents for management quality innovation.

- Client-oriented education with excellent experts
The KFQ understands what training or education program client needs, and then develops reliable best program with the committee on education development, the advisory committee and IQNet (International Certification Network), including relevant experts, academy and industry. Then, it operates the developed training or education program as well.
- Offering systemized education roadmap by expertise
The KFQ suggests systemized training and education roadmap by expertise and phase for fostering talents an organization needs. Also, it maximizes the effects of training and education through pre-assessment.
- Performance-focused education for strong competence
The KFQ suggests training or education schedule according to organizational or individual vision, and understands and assess client’s demands thoroughly in order to maximize the effects of education program. It also supports systemized career development by building database of education per individual.
- Constant follow-up maintenance with education guarantee system
The KFQ provides good quality service of education, rather than one-time education, by keeping a network between trainees and tutors through an education guarantee system.
[Training & Education Service Area] - Regular program: management system, green and sustainability, analysis and reliability (SQC-STM), management innovation, leadership, work competence, quality control, production management.
- Program for local government and public organization
- Site-specific program with external tutor
- Support program for developing work ability
- Overseas study visit
- Online education

Assessment on Sustainability

The KFQ supports sustainable management and low carbon green growth.

- GHG Validation& Verification service
The KFQ offers validation and verification services based on the standard of various programs (CDM, VCX, GS and domestic project on GHG emission reduction registration) related to GHG emission reduction project.
- Emissions report verification service
The KFQ provides a service to verify emissions report of companies under GHG ∙ Energy Target Management Scheme, in accordance with Framework Act on Low Carbon Green Growth.
- Verification service for sustainability report
The KFQ supports to secure reliability and accuracy of report by assessing the level of report and suggesting opinion.


The KFQ supports to enhance creative global leadership and management quality culture.

- The KFQ supports to enhance creative global leadership and management quality culture.
The KFQ provides new management knowledge and information to executives by opening CEO breakfast meeting, CEO friendship event, CEO Jeju New Summer Forum, etc. It also offers services like training programs for boosting employees’ competence or new quality convention, and runs KFQ membership program for more effective supports.
- Global Cooperation through International Network
The KFQ is a representative certification body of Korea, cross-accredited by multilateral business agreement between all members (three institutes in 34 countries) of IQNet. It has global reputation with its trustworthy services through regular international cooperation and information sharing. In 2006, it was registered as Korea’s first private institute for CDM (Clean Development Mechanism) assessment to the UNFCCC (UN Framework Convention on Climate Change) for preventing global warming, and leads global activities to reduce GHG emission.