ISCC Certification

ISCC(International Sustainability and Carbon Certification) is a global sustainability certification system covering the entire supply chain and all kinds of bio-based feedstocks and renewables, and supporting a circular economy.

[Sustainable Feedstocks eligible for ISCC certification]

  • Cultivated Biomass

  • Biomass Waste

  • Non-Biomass Waste

ISCC EU Certification

ISCC EU is a certification system designed to demonstrate compliance with the legal sustainability requirements outlined in the Renewable Energy Directive (RED) II. As the use of certified fuel is mandatory for meeting EU renewable energy targets, it is crucial for biofuels entering the EU to be certified in accordance with the RED II requirements. ISCC EU is the leading voluntary scheme recognized by the European Commission.

ISCC PLUS Certification

ISCC PLUS certification provides traceability along the supply chain and verifies that companies meet environmental and social standards established by ISCC while ISCC EU is targeted to EU regulated fuel market. Corporate can communicate ESG performance with customers and other stakeholders by demonstrating the sustainability of the product through ISCC PLUS certification.

ISCC Scope

All relevant elements of the supply chain must obtain a certificate to ensure the traceability of sustainability characteristics along the entire supply chain.

* Farms or plantations and points of origin of waste and residue may individually certified on a voluntary basis.

ISCC Certification Process

ISCC certification audit should be conducted on-site. Certificate is issued within the date of on-site audit provided that any corrective measure(s) has been implemented.