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Information about the use of Certificate & Certification Mark

The company or institution (hereinafter, referred to as “certification registration organization”), which acquires KFQ’s management system certification, can publicize its certification fact and use the certification mark and certificate as well. Concerning details of observance items in time of publicity, please refer to 'Guideline for usage and promotion of certificate · certification mark' at the bottom of the page.

  • The certification registration organization can use the certification mark in general document, at the top of a letter, invoice, and brochure, etc., or can publicize their certification in the manner of “A business acquired 000 Certification from KFQ.'

  • Nevertheless, it's not allowed to publicize to induce people to be misunderstood as 'Product Certification' in promotional activity.

  • All certification registration organizations are required to publicize on only the sort & scope of acquired certification. The same is true of the certification & accreditation mark.

  • Even the certification registration organization which acquired IATF 16949 Certification is not allowed to use IATF Logo. Nevertheless, To utilize IATF Certificate itself for publicity is allowed.

  • Even in case IAF mark is indicated in the issued certificate, a certification registration organization is not allowed to use IAF MLA Mark in whatever ways.

  • A certification registration organization is required to use an accreditation body's accreditation mark together with KFQ certification mark and to use them with distinct identity of a certification registration organization(organization name and certificate No., etc.)

  • IQNET Certification mark should be used together with KFQ Certification mark as shown below, and they should be used also together with the distinct identity ( name of organization, certificate No.) of a certification registration organization.

  • In case the certification mark file by standard including Certification mark, please make inquires to KFQ.