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Scope 3 Emission Verification

What is Scope 3 Emissions?

It is indirect GHG emissions from the organization's value chain. While not directly regulated, such as Scope1 emissions directly into the atmosphere within organizational boundaries and Scope 2 emissions from external power and heat consumption, there is a growing interest in Scope 3 emissions as the demand for sustainability increases.

출처 : Technical guidance for calculating scope 3 emissions, WRI & WBCSD

Application of Scope 3 Emissions Assessment

Carbon Disclosure Project
  • Voluntary Climate Action
  • Obligation to Emissions Disclosures
  • Basic data of major investment companies
Obligation to ESG Disclosures
  • SEC (U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission)
  • Incremental obligation to Corporate Disclosures
  • ISSB (The International Sustainability Standards Board)
ESG Performance Focusing
  • Voluntary Carbon Targets Declaration
  • Increasing Demand for Environmental Information Disclosure focused on Global Investment Companies
  • Establishment of Transparent GHG Emission Evaluation System
SBTi Guidance
(Science-Based Targets)
  • Report of Asset Portfolio Emissions
  • Setting overall goals for Financial groups