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Carbon Footprint for Overseas

What is Carbon Footprint for Overseas?

It is a unit used to report the results of Life Cycle Assessment* of the environmental aspect of a product in which a producer calculates the footprint of a specific product in accordance with international standards, etc.

* Life Cycle Assessment: Estimating and Evaluating the potential environmental impact of inputs and outputs throughout Life Cycle (from Raw material extraction to Disposal of products)

What is Verification System of Carbon Footprint for Overseas?

Results of Life Cycle Assessment of a specific product are verified by a third party in accordance with international standards and information is delivered to stakeholders through a verification opinion. The system can be recognized externally by overseas stakeholders by applying international standards such as PAS2050, ISO/TS 14067, GHG Protocol, ISO 14044. Korean Foundation for Quality(KFQ) provides reliable and professional verification services with approval from the Operating institution according to KS Q ISO/IEC 17029, ISO 14065.

Assessment Process of Carbon Footprint for Overseas

[ Frame of Life Cycle Assessment ]

[ Definition of purpose and scope ]

Definition of purpose
  • Why perform LCA?
  • What is the goal?
  • How will the results be used?
  • Who will you communicate with about results?
Definition of Scope
  • Functions and Functional units
  • System Boundaries
  • Allocation Procedure
  • Impact Assessment Method
  • Data Requirements
  • Assumptions and Limitations
  • Form of scrutiny